Hello and welcome to my blog,

I’m Steve Woodley, an acupuncturist, Chinese medical practitioner and anthropologist of medicine working in Eastcote, an area between Ruislip and Pinner in Northwest London. I maintain this blog primarily as a notebook in order to clarify my own thoughts on my current readings. This may make them too esoteric for some as they assume some basic understanding of Chinese medicine, the classics and philosophy but I keep it as an open blog, just like my point notes and formula notes, so that some of the ideas might inspire thought in other practitioners or students of Chinese classics. This also means that everything here may be updated and edited as my opinion on the subject develops and if a topic interests you then its a good idea to check back on it, especially in the month or two after its initial posting. Finally, since there are plenty of books on point, herb or formula selection and I have separate notes for these, they are rarely discussed here. Instead this is a place where I ramble on about subjects like context and focus of treatments, their relationship to wider therapeutic processes, historical developments and parallels to modern theories.

For more information on me and my practice you can visit my personal bio on my website.

As always, the views expressed on this site are my own personal thoughts and should not be taken as fact, considered representative of any body or school, used to diagnose or treat yourself for which a professional should be sought, etc. I am sure you know what I mean.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I’ve recently been reading a lot about TCM online and am looking for any book suggestions that you might have for someone who is curious but new to the subject. Preferably something that is informative but not overwhelming, relating to wellness, nutrition, and the body as a whole. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Charlie,

      The classic recommendation is Ted Kaptchuk’s The Web That Has No Weaver which outlines a lot of the basic ideas. Its been a long time since I read it and it may need an update but I think it still stands as a reasonable starting point.

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