Note: The workshop at animamus art salon has been cancelled due to studio space being overbooked

October seems to be shaping up to be a busy month, besides the usual halloween shenanigans which are slowly expanding to fill up a week instead of a single day. In addition to that there are also two events at which I will be appearing, mainly promoting tui na through cheap sample treatments and a short workshop. This comes at quite a convenient time since we are having our bathroom torn out and redecorated meaning that I was intending to spend as much of this month as possible lying low and making as few appointments as possible while workmen hammer and drill in the room next door. Instead I have landed a few gigs away from the clinic which is a much better idea.

The first is the usual Lelung Dharma Centre fundraiser on the 20th October where I will be giving quick 20 minute samples of tui na for £12 with all proceeds going to the charity. Appointments can be booked with Connie at 07976 969 858 or email

The second and more exciting opportunity came to me after a night out watching some performance artists in Bethnal Green. At the exit a woman asked me “what’s your craft?” and so I told her I practice Chinese medicine. She seemed very interested in getting me to host a talk/demonstration/workshop at the Animamus Art Salon, a project started in New York and now opening a branch in London aiming to get artists of different disciplines to share their skill sets. I popped along a couple of days later and have arranged to do a workshop on introductory tui na techniques on the 28th October followed by offering sample treatments to people afterwards. There is also a distinct possibility I will go there earlier to give a few sample sessions and a full treatment or two so that people have an idea what will be discussed in the workshop.

So a month of lying low has turned into a surprisingly busy and productive one which I hope will result in making some lasting relationships with the creative communities of London.